Turbo Fruits

So I've been listening a bit this week to the awesome Wub-Fur radio and stumbled across this great band that's called 'Turbo Fruits'.

A quick look see on the interwebs led me to the fact that the main dude, Jonas Stein, used to be in the late & great 'Be Your Own Pet'.
These guys already have a couple of albums out and a bundle off EP's and singles in which they deal a hefty dose of Psychedelic Garage Rock and other goodness.
A new album named 'Butter' is due out soon and I'm very much looking forward to it.
In the meantime you can have a look at a couple of their videos here. Seems like the knack for making silly & idiotic videos have stayed with Jonas since his days in BYOP.

This video induced a petit mal on my behalf.

You can grab a few song as a free download on their bandcamp page.

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