Goat - Goathead

Awesome new band from Sweden. New album out now called "World Music".
A healthy mix of Afrobeat funk, Post Punk Guitars and an Experimental Atmosphere.
Here's a small taste


Sonic Jesus - Monkey On My Back

New band from Italy, seeking a record label.
Think of the Black Angels with a twist of Potishead


Chris Cohen - Caller No. 99

Today Greg Saunier (Deerhoof's excellent drummer) tweeted that Chris Cohen has a new song and is about to put out a new album.

Chris use to be a member of Deerhoof a couple of years ago, during which they released Apple O', Milk-Man and The Runners Four, which are my favorite albums of the band and it might very well has something to do with Cohen's involvement in them.

Chris is also involved in the band The Curtains, which offers an arty take on little minimalistic tunes.
I couldn't really relate to their music very much but this new song really shows a different catchier side to Cohen and hold a promise for a nice new album that will be called "Overgrown Path".

Chris Cohen's Bandcamp page


New Order - Live from 1981

It's been a while since I've put anything up on the classic live section of The Daily Soup but today I've got a gem here.

Only a few days after their debut album 'Movement' was released on 1981, New Order set off to New-York and preformed live at The Ukrainian National Home.

The first few songs are a bit raw but it gets better along the way. (Jump ahead to the third minute where the show actually starts).


Turbo Fruits

So I've been listening a bit this week to the awesome Wub-Fur radio and stumbled across this great band that's called 'Turbo Fruits'.

A quick look see on the interwebs led me to the fact that the main dude, Jonas Stein, used to be in the late & great 'Be Your Own Pet'.
These guys already have a couple of albums out and a bundle off EP's and singles in which they deal a hefty dose of Psychedelic Garage Rock and other goodness.
A new album named 'Butter' is due out soon and I'm very much looking forward to it.
In the meantime you can have a look at a couple of their videos here. Seems like the knack for making silly & idiotic videos have stayed with Jonas since his days in BYOP.

This video induced a petit mal on my behalf.

You can grab a few song as a free download on their bandcamp page.


Metric - Speed The Collapse

Montreal's Metric are about to release their new album 'Synthetica' very soon and here a small taster from it.

A second single on their soundcloud page called 'Speed of Collapse' appears after they posted 'Youth Without Youth' a couple of weeks ago.

Speed The Collapse by Metric


Jake Bugg - Lightning Bolt

Jake Bugg, a young lad from Nottingham, is something you should pay close attention to in the following months.

He's working on his debut album, which should come out on October 2012, and he reminds a lot of Lee Mavers from The La's.
The fact is that Mr. Bugg is so young that he was born a few good years after that band disbanded.

Oh, well. No matter, have a listen to this

You can download it from iTunes and also get a free song through his facebook page.


The Rock Show

Go spread the word, a new episode of The Rock Show is here.

Direct link:


Richard Hawley

Leave Your Body Behind You
Richard Hawley
Standing At The Sky's Edge
The Afghan Whigs
I Could Be An Angel
The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Royal Society
Getaway Tonight
Electric Hawaii
Ffunny Ffrends
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
You Go Running
Deep Sea Diver
History Speaks
Beth Jeans Houghton and The Hooves of Destiny
Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose
Brains + Stem
Lower Dens
Black Doe
Mary Epworth

Black Mountain
Year Zero: The Original Soundtrack
Drive On
La Sera
Sees The Light
A Spoonful Weight A Ton
A Spoonful Weight A Ton
You & Me
Cian Ciaran

Mastodon (with friend)

Also available here


Keytar Woman Is The New Sexy

Some of you may know Amanda Palmer as the voice of the famed cabaret-rock duo The Dresden Dolls, you may also know her as the wife of the writer Neil Gaiman, but as it happens, she is also an avid twitter operator with quite a following.

So in case you're not following her twitter page and didn't see this video she posted, I thought I should share the joy with you.

It's all about a new and developing art form that combines pole dancing and music making.


The Afghan Whigs - See And Don't See

As you may know The Afghan Whigs have recently announced a reunion tour and pretty excited 'cos I'm about to catch one of those shows next month.

On the tidal wave of this tour they have decided to release a new(ish) song, the first recording in five years as they mentioned in their website (though I can't really recall any Afghan activity round 2007).

It's actually a cover version of an early 70's song by southern soul singer Marie "Queenie" Lyons called "See And Don't See".

You can download it right here (by entering your email).


Gulp - Game Love

Only a few days ago I wrote here about the new solo project from the Super Furry Animals keyboard player, Cian Ciaran, and now we have some more new stuff from the merry ol' Welsh psych masters.

SFA's bassist Guto Pryce and vocalist Lindsay Leven, known under the moniker of Gulp, have released their first single "Game Love" along with some help on the drums and mixing from their furry friends.

What can I say, this band is just the gift that keeps giving.


Deep Sea Diver

 Jessica Dobson is a talented woman. Not only she is part of the current Shins lineup, she also played with Beck and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Jessica Dobson

Albeit all the moonlighting in these other projects Deep Sea Diver is where she finds her main creative outlet.
They have their debut album out now and here's a nice sample from it.

If you liked this song here you can download it for free right here, even furthermore you can listen to the whole album (and purchase it) right here.

Here's them in a live session with a couple of more songs


The Rock Show

A new and most exquisite episode of The Rock Show is up for grabs.
Luckily for you, you can get it right here.

A direct link:

Electricity In Our Home

Tracklist why don't you?
Ring Out
Aux Autres
Sun Is Sunk
Summer's Over
Hated By The Sun
We Are All Trooping Off In A Big Old Gang
Electricity In Our Homes
Dear Shareholder
One Drop
Public Image Ltd.
One Drop EP
Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar
Turing Machine
What Is The Meaning Of What
Soft Coda
North Atlantic Oscillation
Fog Electric
I Believe
My Bloody Valentine
EP's 1988-1991
2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)
The Flaming Lips featuring Ke$ha and Biz Markie
The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends
St. Vincent
Krokodil (Single)
The Bloat
Melvins\Unsane Split
A Commotion
I'd Rather Be Lonely
The Black Angels
Watch Out Boy/I'd Rather Be Lonely
You & Me
Cian Ciaran

The Black Angels

Also available here


Pulp Live on Coachella 2012

I didn't get to visit the Coachella festival this your (or any other year for that matter) but I did follow it closely through it's fantastic live video feed on youtube.

One of the most definite highlights for me were Pulp, preforming on their reunion tour and doing the really best of their magnificent repertuar.
It was also a chance to see Jarvis Cocker in action with his riveting stage presence.

Unlike other outstanding performers like Jagger or Iggy Pop which relay on their physical abilities, Cocker's forte is in his verbal capabilities and the way he makes the whole show a complete and continuous narrative.

Here is the whole set, it's worth your while.
(You can skip about six minutes ahead until the show actually starts)


The Slow Show

A new and anticlimactic episode of The Slow Show is up. Get it while it's tepid.

Direct link:



The glorious tracklist
Saved By Thirteen
All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace
Sufjan Stevens
My Everyday Silver Is Plastic
Mister Sandman
The Mirror Speaks
James Blackshaw
Planet Crazy Gold
Kinski and Acid Mothers Temple
But Now Things Were Different, With Birds Unable To Speak
Library Tapes
Indian Jewelry
The Owl Speaks
Peter and the Wolf
God Speaks of Marty Robbins
The Who
The Man Who Would Speak True
Blitzen Trapper

Indian Jewelry

Also available here