The Afghan Whigs - My Curse

Once again with our classic & live bit here on The Daily Soup.

This time with a band that you actually have a chance to catch live this summer on their reunion tour.
The Afghan Whigs give us their live version of 'My Curse', originally from their perfect album 'Gentlemen' from 1993, with Marcy Mays on guest vocals.
This was captured during the Reading festival in 1994 and it's probably the biggest crowd they ever preformed in front of.


Django Django

Originally from Edinburgh, now based in London, this band has something very Scottish to them indeed.I guess they are like the nerdier version of Franz Ferdinand.

After circling the British indie scene for a couple of years, they have just put out their debut album.

Here's a few good examples

And this surfy bit with it's funny video


Odonis Odonis - Hollandaze

Some very nice things have been coming from Canada these past years.
This band from Toronto is called Odonis Odonis andthey have a new(ish) debut album called Hollandaze.
They do this rough and dirty mix of Garage and Punk and with a twist of Surf and Rockabilly.
Here's a live taster:

See more at band's website


The Slow Show

A new and speechless episode of The Slow Show is here. You might like, I can tell.

Direct link too


This is the songs list, look how great it is
Great Wolf of No Tracks
Boduf Songs
Lion Devours the Sun
- Int -
Thee More Shallows
More Deep Cuts
Black Holes In The Sand
Black Holes in the Sand
-... .- -.-. ....
Plane Plane Against the Grain
Songs for Ships and Irons
Messenger (Full Band)
Nautical Antiques
Pretty Face
The Best of Morphine: 1992-1995
Still Am Sresen
Bohren and Der Club Of Gore
For The Damaged Coda
Blonde Redhead
Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons
Music For A Forgotten Future (The Singing Mountain)
Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will (CD 2)
Evil Will Prevail
The Flaming Lips
Clouds Taste Metallic

The Flaming Lips

Also visitable here


The Rock Show

A new and special episode of The Rock Show is available.
This week Peter Menchetti of Slovenly Records was in the studio and he brought heaps of excellet garage rock music that came out on his label.
Have a listen

Direct link here

Acid Baby Jesus

That's what we were spinning
Acid Baby Jesus
Hell Mary
J.C. Satan
Let's Dance
Rutsi Booba
In & Out
Black Lips
Sorry State
The Anomalys
I'm On My Own
The Okmoniks
Tired In London
The Spits
Finger Shower
Crash Normal
Tooth to Toe
Acid Baby Jesus
Eres Tu
Les Vigilantes
Juvenile Delinquent
Rutsi Booba
Born in 77
Black Jaspers
Fier Seul Sous Terre
Arsène Obscène
Wasted Time
Paint Fumes
Planet Failure
The Spits

The Spits

Also available here


Talking Heads - Crosseyed & Painless

Back to our "Classic Live Performance" segment here at the Daily Soup.

This time we feature one of the most innovative and original bands that walked this earth, I'm talking about the 'Talking Heads'.

There are literally dozens of huge bands that owe their entire career to this band, particularly to the album 'Remain in Light' which was produced by the ever relevant Brian Eno.

Here's from it this live performance of 'Crosseyed & Painless' which was filmed in Rome round 1980. Enjoy.


Hail Satan

Dear Satan, Praise Thy Pizza

Torche - Kicking free download

Good news everyone!
The excellent hardcore rock band Torche are about to put out a new album called 'Harmonicraft'.
Their previous releases have been tremendous and full of short energy bombs with great hooks. This new bit walks the same line and creates a nice tingling feeling at the tip of my toes when I think of the new album.
Here's the first single off it, you can download it for free right here.


Anna Calvi Vs. Beyoncé

One of my favorite new artists around is Anna Calvi. She put out her brilliant debut album last year and that got her nominated for a Brit award this year.
Warming up to the ceremony, BBC Radio 1 invited all the nominees to record a session in their studios.
Anna chose to record her version of Beyoncé's 'Naughty Girl' and here it is.


The Slow Show

The Slow Show today has quite a dark start to it but it gets a bit more optimistic towards the end. Just goes to show you that sometimes you have to look things through before you get all depressed and shoot yourself in the head. :)

Direct link too:

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

The tracklist contains the following items, I've checked it twice.
Mormon Island
Giant Squid
A Hymn to the Morning Star
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Mark Lanegan
Phantom Band
After The Afterglow
The Comas
Return to Hot Chicken
Yo La Tengo
Pacific Siren
Zak Riles
Dead Finks Don't Talk
Brian Eno
Melancholy World
William D. Drake
The House
Bob Drake
The Fireside
Yo La Tengo

William D. Drake

Also visitable here:


Mark Lanegan Is The Man

New videos time.
Two new bits, both of them feature Mark Lanegan on vocals.
The first is taken from his new album "Blues Funeral", it's the first single off it and it has a great drive to it and it's called "The Gravedigger's Song".

The second is from an album that came out back in 2010 and for some reason this video surfaced only now.
It's by the Elctro-Rock band Unkle, they usually feature some interesting people on vocals on their albums like Josh Homme, Autolux and The Duke Spirit, this time it's Mr. Lanegan's turn to shine with "Another Night Out".

UNKLE – ANOTHER NIGHT OUT dir: Toby Dye from Black Dog Films on Vimeo.


The Slow Show

The new episode of The Slow Show is ready for your professional abuse, Have at it.

Direct link here:
Loose Fur

The tracklist is as following
Brothers on a Hotel Bed
Death Cab for Cutie
Edible Flowers
Finn Brothers
Black Mountain
Elegant Transaction
Loose Fur
The Four Mills Brothers
Van Dyke Parks
Protons, Neutrons, Electrons
The Cat Empire
Superhero Brother
G. Love and Special Sauce
My Brother Satan
Ocean Colour Scene
Rothko Doric
Brian Eno
The Rotunda
The Higher Intelligence Agency and Biosphere
The Electrotheonic Grail Dove
Secret Chiefs 3
Greeting To Saud (Brother McCoy Tyner)
Pharoah Sanders
Itamar Ziegler
Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
Sandy Denny

Brian Eno

Also good through here: