The Mint Chicks

New-Zealand, a lovely place with great music and apparently, it's way better than Old-Zealand.

It's time to post about my favorite kiwi band, who has unfortunately called it quits about a year ago.
The Mint Chicks are from Auckland and they managed to put out three full length albums and a few more E.P.s during their active years (2003-2010).

They're a band that could blend a pop chorus, psychedelic organ sounds and some Steve Albin-esque harsh noisy guitars and drums.
After their breakup the guitarist Ruban joined the Unknown Mortal Orchestra and singer Kody formed Opossom.

Here they are with a video from their latest album Screen from 2009.

And here they are during a rehearsal session doing their version of Frank Zappa's 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black'.

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