Wreckless Eric - Whole Wide World (Live)

It's been a while since I've posted anything under the classic live section here, but with no further delay I'd like to correct that now.

Stiff Records was founded right at the brink of the punk rock revolution in London. To be honest, the things that came out on it were more pub-rock than punk, but it was thrown on that wagon nonetheless.

Stiff were one of the first DIY record labels in the world and they paved the way for a lot of the musical revolutions that grew from that ideology. 
Amongst the artist that started out there were Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe & Ian Dury and Eric Goulden, which is also known as 'Wreckless Eric'.

Which brings us to today's featured video, Wreckless Eric's best known tune 'Whole Wide World'. You might remember this song from the film 'Stranger Than Fiction', where Will Ferrell sang it while trying to get into some pale chick's pants.

Here it is done live on TV with a small cameo of Ian Dury himself on drums.
(Sorry for the lousy sound, but it's worth it)

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