Lower Dens

Baltimore has produces some great outfits lately like Wye Oak and Celebration and now we will turn the spotlight on Lower Dens.
Like those two band mentioned earlier, Lower Dens too have a female vocalist, which makes me think I'm starting to like them Baltimore girls.

Lower Dens have just released a single called 'Brains' from their forthcoming album 'Nootropics' which should hit the streets round May.

Lower Dens - Brains

This single led me to their first album from 2010 called 'Twin-Hand Movement', from it I picked the song "I Get Nervous' here preformed live in some sort of library/shop/den. It has a very minimalistic charm to it.

Also ran into this weird promo that came out along with their 'Batman' single from 2011. It has some useful cooking tips you can use.

Visit their website for some more clues

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