The Rock Show

There it is again, a new item of the everlasting Rock show.

 The track list goes something like this:
Track Artist Album
A Sun / Ahh Ahh Tweak Bird Tweak Bird
Murder For The Money Morphine Like Swimming
Traitor's Gate Gallon Drunk Bear Me Away
Papa Won't Leave You, Henry Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Henry's Dream
Mother Wye Oak Strangers / Mother
Working For The Man Pj Harvey To Bring You My Love
Worm Mountain The Flaming Lips Embryonic
Getaway Tonight Opossom Electric Hawaii
True North Pinback Information Retrieved Pt. B
Backseat Darker My Love Alive As You Are
Drug White Denim D
Kiddie Hypnogogia Mini Mansions Mini Mansions
Unreal Is Here Chavez Better Days Will Haunt You
Here Pavement Slanted And Enchanted
Darker My Love

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