Right, let's get to it.
When you listen to a lot of music you tend to categorize them into little comfy niches, that way it's easier for us to remember and understand it (works the same with people too).
Once in a while you hear something which doesn't fit into one of those familiar niches. That's a good thing, it makes you think harder, pay attention.
This little intro applies to this band called Reptar. They come from Athens, Georgia and they do an upbeat version of modern indie music. Throw in some Animal Collective, a bit of Yeasayer and add some good influences from the past like P.I.L. and Talking Heads.
I also really like this video they made

This video by Reptar reminds me the work of an animation artist that calls himself Cyriak. This British oddball creates some of the most disturbing works you will get to see, they usually revolve around a main image that repeats itself and evolves during clip.
He definitely grew up  on a lot of Terry Gilliam's animations on The Monty Python Show.
Here's a good example:

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