What goes around comes around

Take a few minutes to listen to this song while you read a few facts about it.
This song was written by Dr. John, a musician from New-Orleans, although the performers here are Johnny Jenknins and Duane Allman from the Allman Brothers.

The opening first drum beat of this song were sampled by Oasis on their song "Go Let It Out" from Their album  "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants", which is a quote by Isaac Newton about the evolution of science and the reliance on past discoveries to achieve further progress.

This song was covered by Paul Weller on his album "Stanley Road" with Noel Gallagher on acoustic guitar, this cover was later featured in the final scene of the final season of the HBO TV show "The Wire".

The creator of The Wire, David Simon, later came to doing "Treme" which is a series about the life and music of New-Orleans after the Katrina hurricane, in it there are several guest appearances of real musicians including Dr. John.

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